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The best Children’s Art School in the area, recognising and fostering children’s individual talents, and specialising in Realistic Art for kids aged 5 to 18 with small class sizes of under 10 students . Prince Gallery Art Studio introduces children and teens to an authentic art studio and gallery environment where they can explore their own creativity, develop their artistic talent and a passion for art, guided by our passionate and our highly qualified tutors.

  • Ages: 5 to 9 years – Educational art classes using a variety of art materials such as pencils, watercolour pencils, crayons, charcoal, paint, pastels and felt tips.
  • Ages 10-18 – Developing fine art skills using acrylic or oil paints on canvas, creative cartoon, classical realism and modern contemporary art.
  • Annual exhibition of selected student’s works held at Prince Gallery.
  • Selected Student’s work entered into Young Archie competition.

Building on their artistic skills and creative talents, our students continue to achieve outstanding results in school grades and HSC, and in being chosen as finalists in the Young Archie competition.

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我們是該地區最好的藝術學校之一。憑藉我們高素質的導師和良好的工作室環境,我們的兒童課程適合兒童和青少年,旨在探索創造力和發展他們的美術技能。年輕的學生將發現和發展他們的藝術才能。每個班級都將根據每個學生的個人能力量身定制,並將給予很多關注,以確保學生從我們屢獲殊榮的藝術家那裡獲得高質量的學習。我們的藝術家導師在藝術界擁有豐富的經驗,擁有來自世界上最好的大學的美術學士學位。學生將在畫廊令人印象深刻的繪畫作品中展示各種風格的繪畫作品。我們的學生憑藉其極富創造力的人才,在學校取得優異成績並贏得Young Archie獎項,取得了優異成績。我們教授繪畫技巧,以培養他們的藝術成就或未來的職業生涯,並認識每個孩子的個人才能。我們教授粉彩,彩色鉛筆,素描,水彩,丙烯酸和油畫技術,新增卡通人物課程。我們相信學習古典大師素描是繪畫技巧的基礎。我們的學生將學習各種不同類型的繪畫和藝術材料,以創造不同風格的藝術,從傳統藝術到當代藝術。我們將班級規模保持在每班10名學生以下!快來參觀我們的試用課程。

We will hold selected exhibitions of students’ works annually in our art gallery.

Enrolments and payment need to be made 2 weeks prior to your scheduled class.  The lessons are $40/90 minute lesson. Payments are to be made by Term, 9 weeks/classes (only $40 per class). Families with 1 or more children can apply a discount.

Payments made via direct debit can be made to:

  • Account Name: Sydney Red gate Art Space
  • Name of bank: ANZ Bank
  • BSB: 012295    Account #: 309424127

Creative Kids Voucher is accepted for enrolment.

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