Chinese Ink Drawing Art Sydney


$240( 6 class package/90 mins class includes Chinese art materials)
Chinese ink painting is a form of painting drawn by the fusion of blending water and ink on traditional rice paper. Often this translates to brush, wash and atmospheric effects on rice paper. Ink painting is regarded as the highest representation of Chinese traditional painting.

The basic ink paintings are usually water and ink paintings in black and white. Advanced ink paintings or so called coloured ink paintings comprise meticulously painted colourful flowers and birds. In Chinese painting, ink is the main raw material, the amount of water is cited as thick ink, light ink, dry ink, wet ink and determine different shades of grey to black creating an”Ink Rhyme”. The characteristics of Chinese ink painting include: near realism, abstract and perspective qualities, subtle colours and rich artistic conception.

Our Chinese ink course teach students the basic of ink drawing on silk and rice paper. Whether you are a beginner to intermediate and advanced, you will enjoy the course and find it a very rewarding experience.

The Sydney Harbour Shore government commissions Prince Gallery to run Chinese ink drawing workshops annually at the Darling Harbour Chinese garden.

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