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David Wang



Born in Shanghai in 1952, currently living in Sydney, Australia.

New South Wales University, School of Fine Arts and Design, Master of Painting,
China Anhui Normal University Zhangzhou Branch Graduated
1977-1992 Art teacher Anhui Zhangzhou Normal School Teaching and Research Team Leader; Anhui Normal University Art Education Research Association.
1992-1997 Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Longtu Advertising.
1997 Immigrated to Sydney; professional painter for 20 years, member of the Australian Art Union, founded the DAVID WANG Art School

Member of the Australian Watercolor Society
Member of China Anhui Artists Association,
Member of China Shanghai Industrial Art Design Association,
Member of Chinese Contemporary Artists Directory.

Solo exhibitions (two), Anhui Zhangzhou Wenlian, Australia Chinese Culture Center.
2015-2018 participated in the 93th, 94th, 95th All-America Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition and Society Watercolor Special Exhibition,
The 1st International Watercolor Biennale Hong Kong, Australian Chinese Art Review and Outlook 2016 Congress.
2015 Australia HHAE2015 Exhibition.
2017 Australia Sydney Art and Feelings
2018 Australia Sydney Image and Life: Images from the Mind
2018 Sydney Jian Art Exhibition

1987 Oil painting work ‘Communist’, editorial written by Art editor-in-chief Zhou Yukan ‘You are not interested in the pen’.
2016 Invited to be a member of the Australian Watercolor Society.
2016 Painting selected by the New York State Capitol website to be the cover page of the Australian Chinese Painter Retrospective Exhibition.
2004 Personal Art Exhibition officially opened by the Sydney Mayor
1994 First Prize winner of China Advertising Graphic Design.

Artist Statement

David Wang

The late watercolour paintings of David Wang (Wang Yunqi) are not large works. However, their value lies in the instant creation in the process of each painting, forming the natural flavour and aesthetic of the brush marks. The success or failure of a watercolour is fixed after the first mark of colour at the beginning. The strongest feeling in your heart, and the artistic feelings that can motivate others’ minds are explained, whether it be through the pen, ink, colour harmonies, the state of the situation is revealed. ‘This moment determines whether to continue or give up, for me, this is really a great place of excitement and joy in life’.

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