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Fine Arts and Creative Learning. Gladesviile/ Dural

Surrounded by a vast collection of art pieces, Prince Gallery Art School is one of the best Art School in Sydney! offers a unique and elegant teaching environment where students experience a distinctive ambience that inspires creativity and inspiration.

Prince Gallery is a beautifully appointed gallery and studio in Gladesville, Ryde in the heart of Sydney.  and Sydney Hills district Grand art galleries studio at Dural.  full day School holiday art course /art camp hold 4 term camps in a year. Gladesville Studio converted warehouse style Gallery is centrally located with on site parking. Prince Gallery spotlights established and emerging artists and displays a mix of contemporary and traditional art. Dedicated to presenting leading artists of Australia and Asia, it originally opened in 1988 in Chinatown by Ms Lan Jian as a gallery and art school.  Prince Gallery has a rich history in excellence in artistic coaching with its broad community of artists.

Today Prince Gallery excels in art education for gifted children and adults. adult Beginner Paint & Sip class and all age birthday art party bring people and family together sharing and celebrate life of art and joy! Prince Gallery is one of the best private art schools in Sydney. Our academy offers a comprehensive range of art classes for beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced and masterclasses including private lessons as well as adult and children workshops.  Our teaching policy is to cultivate students’ creative expression and establish a solid foundation of realistic painting. Our students have achieved outstanding results in school and state exhibitions with excellent painting skills and highly innovative talents, and have won many awards from the prestigious Young Archie Award, the highest honor in Australian painting. Our art tutors are award-winning professional artists with specialised educational backgrounds and qualified degrees in Fine Art.  Our goal is to develop students in learning realistic technical drawing and painting skills as well as develop their creativity with a view to benefit them in all areas of learning for the future.  Every year, we hold a large selection of student works for exhibition in our grand art gallery studio at Dural.

You are welcome to book your first trial class.  Your creative art journey starts here!



Prince Gallery Art School 太子画廊美术学校是悉尼最好的私立绘画与设计学校之一。 獨有的裝飾藝術室內空間和良好优雅的教学环境。周圍環繞著大量藝術品,讓您感覺特別。這種經歷將成為珍貴的記憶。

Prince Gallery是位於悉尼市中心Ryde 区 的Gladesville的精美白色畫廊,距离悉尼市中心8公里,設有內部地面停車場。太子畫廊美术学校在悉尼Hills北区的 Dural 建立了新艺术工作室,为学生和家庭提供了丰富多彩的艺术假期课程和活动。画廊还聚集了成熟和新興的藝術家,展示了當代和傳統藝術的結合。致力於展示澳大利亞和亞洲的领导藝術家。最初由清华大学美术学院1985年毕业年移民澳洲的艺术家简兰女士於1988年在唐人街開設,作為畫廊和藝術學校。Prince Gallery擁有豐富的藝術教学经验歷史,擁有廣泛的藝術家社區。

如今,Prince Gallery擅長天才兒童和成人的美術教育。我們的學校為 零基础 ,初級,中級,高级和大師班提供全面的丰富藝術課程,儿童青少年艺术与设计課程以及成人画班,10人以下的 小班教学。我們的教学方针是培养学生创造力表达力,学习扎实的写实绘画基础。我们培养的學生憑藉优秀的绘画技巧和高度創新的才能在學校和州級展覽取得了优异的成绩,并多次獲得了澳洲绘画界最高荣誉著名的年輕Young Archie獎的獲獎者。我們的藝術導師是屢獲殊榮的專業藝術家,擁有專業的教育背景和美術學位。我們的目標是培養學生打好學習写实繪畫的基础和各项繪畫技巧,並启发和鼓励發展他們的創造力,以期在学生未來的所有学科領域中领先和受益。我們每年都會在画校的藝術中心大畫廊舉辦精選的优秀學生作品展覽。


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